Price Intelligence At Your Fingertips

PriceWiz is a price intelligence product powered by Mustard Insights, enabling users to track and compare prices across a myriad of commodities. Its MVP allows users to track price changes of PMS/ Petrol across cities in real time leveraging a vast network of agents and users.

Real-Time Price Tracking

Stay Ahead of Price Fluctuations

Hassle-Free Fueling Experience

No More Price Uncertainty

Free to Use

Fuel Price Tracking at Zero Cost!

User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Use, Simple to Navigate

Revolutionize Your Fueling Experience with PriceWiz

With PriceWiz, you'll never have to wonder whether you're getting the best deal on fuel. Our cutting-edge technology delivers live fuel price updates, enabling you to make savvy choices and find the most economical stations near you. Say goodbye to uncertainty and unpredictable price hikes - PriceWiz has got you covered!